Editorial project "A/R/Tográfico" generated around the design of Utopian Projects around an object that serves as a topic for all proposals: a container. (Collective project)

Editorial project about the experimentation of adrenaline. Through a Utopian idea expects to illustrate the tension, nerves, and physical awareness of your body in front the fear. This artist book becomes an orderless journey of that moment. (Individual project)

Fanzine created with the collaboration of various artists. The proposal uses as starting point a personal meditation of each artist around the question, what do we hate? Initiating each artist section with the phrase: "Me jode..." (Collective project)

Poster project participating in the International Exhibition "Videonarración A/R/Tográfica". (Individual project)


Editorial project around a new proposal of the corporate identity for the Faculty of Fine Arts Alonso Cano. (Collective project)